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A Constant Leadership Reminder

Leadership can be defined as the process of influencing people, as leader confirms that objectives get achieved by efforts and coordination of all employees and for which he motivate people and also ensures the culture which is apt to perform. Leadership is a group event. Leaders use different styles with subordinates to influence the situation and make an impact on employees. Therefore they impact the performance.

Best fitted behavior to people and organization will result in increasing the performance. Leadership paradigms are being changed and the organization does not have the leaders matching this new thought of subordinates they face problems to reach objectives. Such leaders are productive but only for short span. Therefore the requirement of leadership with changed pattern and values of employees and fitness to the organization should also change to ensure desired performance.

Continuously organization requirements replicate the fact that leadership is very crucial in any kind of organization. Imperfect leadership may encounter various problems whereas perfect leadership may lead to smooth functioning, motivated employees and overall effectiveness in the performance of the organization, without changing other factors in the organization. Leadership is always being vital and vivid from time to time and organization to organization.

One leader may produce better results in a specific organization but may not be so efficient for other organization. Reasons could be many for instance his working style, his people interaction pattern, the fitness of leader with the organization structure; culture; and other related factors or may be alone his personality. But for sure it does make an influence on the overall effectiveness and performance of the organization.

Finally, leadership is a journey. Keep an open mind to learn at every stage. Please continue to disseminate the leadership message to your leaders, peers, and followers. Let's all collectively work for a better tomorrow!


Dr. Saju Skaria

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