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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Given below is the abstract of my doctoral dissertation - six years of my research on leadership with the specific focus on Information Technology professionals of Indian origin. The full dissertation can be made available upon request.


The effect of culture on leadership strategies, goals, and behavior of business organizations have been a major focus of leadership researchers. The current study is a significant addition to the broader field of leadership studies involving ethnic and socio-cultural aspects of a prominent but understudied population in leadership literature.

Asian Indian immigrants play a vital role in the US Information Technology Industry. However, no extensive research has been published on Asian Indian techno-immigrants. Study of the available literature indicated a general problem of under-representation of Asian Indian immigrants in IT organizations at high-level leadership positions in the United States, though there is a significant presence at junior levels within these establishments.

Despite the perceived glass ceiling, several Asian Indian immigrants have achieved notable success and attained high-level leadership positions in the U.S. IT industry. The current hermeneutic phenomenological study focuses on understudied areas within scholarly literature. The study explored the lived experience of Asian Indian immigrants in high-level leadership positions in the U.S. Information Technology industry and the impact of their racial and sociocultural identity on being high-level leaders in the U.S. IT sector.

The current phenomenological inquiry uncovered six essential themes from the data analysis that includes: (1) socio-cultural experience, (2) advanced technology skills, (3) leadership competency, (4) ethnic identity and assimilation, (5) personal and family sacrifices and (6) sustainment of motivation. And, the study provides an in-depth insight of the lived experiences, perspectives, and thoughts of IT leaders of Asian Indian origin about winning themes and address “glass ceiling” issues that limit the growth of aspiring leaders.


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